You might have some questions that need answering, especially about buying a puppy from Canada and bringing it back to the States. Windsor Doodle is here to help!

I live in USA and I want to buy a puppy from Windsor Doodle, what are the logistics about crossing the border with a puppy?

  • So, previous to 2019, the law was that every puppy needed a rabies vaccination to cross the border and it had to be administered 30 days before crossing, which didn't allow puppies to cross the border into the USA until 4 months old (See here). Just recently, things have changed a bit for bringing a dog to the USA FROM CANADA specifically. Canada is not amongst those countries in the list for high risk of rabies (See list here); a list made by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), who work closely with the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) in deciding the animals that may or may not cross the border. So, as of just recently in 2019, it is now allowed for puppies that have been born and brought up in Canada to cross into USA without a Rabies Vaccine. Please be aware that returning to Canada with the same puppy is a completely different story and coming into the USA from any country other than Canada has it's own set of rules. If you would like to confirm all this with CBP, please do so by calling them at +1 313-226-3141.
  • Also, when crossing the border with any dog, no duties and taxes apply at the USA border for the importation of dogs as personal pets. 
  • All this being said, Windsor Doodle strongly recommends that you do have a vet administer the rabies vaccine to your pet after 3 months old so that this low risk rabies situation remains the same. It is both for your family's safety and the safety of those around you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


How much is a Puppy and what comes with them?

Probably, the most common question we receive is "how much is a puppy". This is outlined in other sections of our website, but there is nothing wrong with being repetitive. Each of our Multi-Generational, Double Doodle puppies comes with their first Vet check, deworming and their first set of shots. Each also comes with it's own two year genetic health guarantee, which is outlined in our puppy contract. They will also come with a starter puppy packet that includes a small amount of the food they are currently eating, a few puppy pads to get training started, and some information about having a new puppy, as well as some brochures for the veterinarian they have already been seeing and the groomer that Windsor Doodle currently uses. Also included will be a copy of the pedigree for both parents, as well as your copy of the Puppy Contract.  
The price for each of our Australian Labradoodle puppies is $2200 Canadian +HST (tax). 


When can the puppies come home?

The puppies will be eligible for their new homes when they turn 8 weeks of age.  

How big will the Double Doodle puppies get?

Australian Labradoodles from Windsor Doodle are expected to reach an average weight between 25lbs to 40lbs. Males do tend to be heavier and females, a bit leaner. 


Will Windsor Doodle take US dollars for payment?

Being in a border city, we completely understand the hardship of exchanging money and we are completely willing to accept US Dollars as payment. How do we do that? Windsor Doodle would take the Google Exchange Rate for the total price the day you pay, including taxes which will be 13% in Ontario, and that is the price you would pay in US dollars. You will receive a receipt for your purchase that portrays this exchange. 

Will you be breeding Chumu with another Australian Labradoodle in the future?

In the future, Thor will not be available to us as a stud so, yes, Windsor Doodle will be looking for another Australian Labradoodle stud for Chumu for our next batch of puppies which should be coming next year. 

Why does Windsor Doodle require puppies to be seen by a vet within a week of being released to their new family?

At Windsor Doodle, our first priority is the safety and security of the puppy. We want to take all steps to ensure they are being received to a good home that is capable of taking care of them. This includes the ability to take your pet to a vet when necessary. We want everyone to be safe and happy, including your new puppy. 


What is involved with grooming a Windsor Doodle?

This is a great question and something every doodle owner should know. Most doodles, because they don't shed, will experience a higher tendency to mat their fur. To avoid this as best as possible, using a slicker brush at least every other day is highly helpful. Beyond that, being seen by a groomer for a cut should happen at least every 4 months. Matting in dogs like doodles can result in extreme pain if not tended to on a regular basis. The matting is the result of the undercoat tangling on itself and pulling on the dogs skin. The more severe the matting, the more pain your dog may be in. This is not something experienced among dogs that shed because this layer of fur is shed regularly. 

What would Windsor Doodle recommend for training?

Owning a puppy is a lot of work, from potty training to learning how to walk on a leash to learning how to follow simple instructions. All these things take time and are usually the result of the owner putting in a lot of their personal time. Many people do use obedience schools, but here at Windsor Doodle, we believe the best teacher is the one who spends the most time with the puppy. Patience is definitely key and resources are abundant for doing these things at home. A good recommendation we can make is Zak George's Dog Training found on Youtube.com. 

What kind of payment will you be taking for the puppies?

We will be taking Cash, Bank Draft or Interac for both the reservation and the final fee. 


Do Windsor Doodles have a special diet? 

Other than the diet recommended for all other dogs in the world, no doodles do not have a special diet. But dogs do have a list of foods they should not eat due to major medical issues. These include: chocolate (white, milk and especially dark), grapes and raisins, garlic, onions, dairy (I do recommend this one on a case by case basis dependent on lactose tolerance of the individual dog), animal fat, many forms of candy and gum (specifically those containing substitute sugars such as xylitol), as well as many types of nuts and leaves (tomato leaves, pepper leaves, etc.) What I will always recommend in this case is when in doubt, "Ask Google."

Do you put your dogs or puppies in kennels? 

The only time I have ever used a kennel for my dog is when she was a puppy and we were potty training and house training. This ceased after 4 months of age when we started confining her to a small room, in our case the bathroom, while we weren't at home and eventually we were comfortable letting her have free rome of the house. Since then, the only time we use the kennel is to take the cats to the vet. all the photos seen of Australian Labradoodles on this site are of our dog, Chumu. As you can plainly see, she is very spoiled and we love her very much. 

Are Windsor Doodles good family pets, especially with kids?

When we first brought home our daughter in 2018 October, Chumu was for sure jealous and it took some getting used to for her to acclimate to not being the center of attention, but now she and our 11-month-old get along splendidly. They share food, they play ball, they both share the love. My sister had a cousin of Chumu's from the same breeder. Her puppy arrived when her daughter was just four years old and those two were inseparable. When their new daughter came along two years ago, he was her protector; always hypersensitive to her feelings and moods. When Windsor Doodle says these make great family dogs, we speak from experience. 

Windsor, Ontario, Canada


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