Born November 22, 2016, Chumu came into our lives at 8 weeks old. She has been a joy from the beginning. One of the major attractions to the breed was the non-shedding feature. Though we had two cats at the time, we were aware that dogs shed quite a bit more and we weren't ready for that in our small home. 

From day one, Chumu has been very easy to train and was extremely smart. She picked up on commands very quickly. Her energy level always seemed to match ours and we loved that about her. Of course, she has a lot of energy and she does misbehave at times, but overall she is a very good dog. 

Chumu is an adventurer and has been everywhere with us, from Michigan to Quebec to Prince Edward Island and beyond to Nova Scotia. She has been whale watching, cave exploring, sunbathing, chasing waterfalls, shopping, etc. There are very few places that Chumu doesn't like to visit! She loves Super Hero ice cream and has a taste for indian dishes such as Aloo Gobi. Anytime she can find a comfy pillow or a fluffy blanket, that's where she will be. 

When we started an adventure last October with our new little girl, Ariya, Chumu was definitely jealous of the attention, but she was always sweet to the baby. They play together, Ariya likes to share her food, and Chumu especially loves her boppy piller. The c-shaped fluff is the perfect shape for curling up and lounging. 

Chumu is turning 4 years old this year and she proved to be a wonderful mother to her first 5 beautiful Double Doodle pups. We can't wait to see her puppies grow and develop and we look forward to her upcoming Australian Labradoodle litter expected in the late fall of 2020! 

Windsor, Ontario, Canada


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